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SVTC welcomes your participation in the 2014 Solar Scorecard.

This page provides information and guidance for solar manufacturers seeking to increase transparency and make information about their environmental and social justice practices accessible to the public.

The Solar Scorecard uses a set of sustainability, social justice, and transparency benchmarks to measure how well companies (and the industry as a whole) protect workers, communities, and the environment. The Solar Scorecard is a resource for consumers, institutional purchasers, investors, installers, and anyone who wants to purchase PV modules from responsible product stewards.

The solar industry has the potential to be an environmental leader and a model for other emerging technology sectors. However, because solar manufacturers operate in different regions globally, there is currently no industry-wide set of sustainability standards to measure performance and progress. The Solar Scorecard helps fill that gap, measuring and encouraging industry progress toward sustainability goals.

About the 2014 Solar Scorecard Survey

The 2014 Solar Scorecard Survey can be downloaded here. The survey is divided into 12 categories that cover the lifecycle of solar modules. Questions focus on concerns specific to the solar industry and are also drawn from respected sustainability reporting systems and data provided by companies to public agencies.

The Solar Scorecard Survey questions for 2014 are very similar to those used in 2013, enabling SVTC to track the progress of individual companies and of the overall industry. By maintaining the same questions over several years, we encourage companies to plan and implement programs and practices that improve their scores.

Scoring System

Company scores are based on responses to SVTC's annual Solar Scorecard Survey, on information available on company websites, and on other publicly available information and data. Points are allocated for each question, as outlined in the Scoring Guidance document.

Companies that do not plan to submit a survey can improve their scores by providing the information requested in the survey on their websites. SVTC will use the survey questions to score the websites of the 40 top-producing companies (representing an estimated 82.8% of the PV industry market share). Companies listed on the 2013 Solar Scorecard can be expected to be included in the 2014 Solar Scorecard.

SVTC will also highlight three to five companies that exhibit best practices in key areas. If your company uses such exemplary practices, please bring this to our attention.

Solar Scorecard Survey
Download: MS Word | PDF

Scoring Guidance Document
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Solar Scorecard Timeline

July 1, 2014
If your company prefers not to complete the survey, please review the survey questions and post the relevant information on your website by the deadline above. SVTC will review, compile, and score the survey responses and the health, safety, and sustainability information posted on solar companies' websites from July 1-August 1, 2014.

August 1, 2014
SVTC finalizes scores

October 1, 2014
Scorecard released

November 2014
Industry feedback session

Thank you for your participation in the 2014 Solar Scorecard! If you have questions, please contact SVTC at the email address above.

Sheila Davis
Executive Director, Silicon Valley Toxics Coalition